Sunday, January 14, 2018

2018 Carnival in Jamaica Fete Listing

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Keep up-to-date with the Carnival in Jamaica Fetes 2018!

Saturday March 3rd 2018 

- Sunnation Sunset Cocoa Jouvert

Saturday March 10th 2018
- B4 Carnival Fete
- Xaymaca Cruise
- Soca til Sunrise Cruise
- Bacchanal BaeWatch

Thursday March 15th 2018
- UWI Carnival Integration Launch

Friday March 16th 2018
- UWI Carnival Jouvert

Saturday March 17th 2018
- UWI Carnival Ring Road
- UWI Carnival Band Festival
- Bacchanal Rum for Breakfast Fete

Thursday March 28th 2018- Xodus Tailgate Fete

Saturday March 30th 2018- Frenchmen Rise Up Breakfast Party - Bacchanal Beach Jouvert

Sunday April 1st 2018- Ocho Rios Carnival Road Parade- Marbana- Caesars Army Bacchanal Road

Monday April 2nd 2018- Dusk Music Festival

Tuesday April 3rd 2018- Sunnation Tabanca Tuesday

Wednesday April 4th 2018- I Love Soca

Thursday April 5th 2018- aFloat
- Frenchmen Blocko- Xaymaca Tribe Ignite

Friday April 6th 2018- Illusions Black 2 Blue Breakfast Party- Soca Brainwash - Bacchanal Jouvert & Parade- Caesars Army AMbush
- MEDZ Cruise

Saturday April 7th 2018- Sunnation Sunrise Breakfast Party- Sunkissed
- Suits Cruise
- Soaka Street Festival
- PreMas (PM) Fete
- Frenchmen Bazodee
- Soaka Street Festival
- PreMas (PM) Fete
- Frenchmen Bazodee

Sunday April 8th 2018- Xaymaca Road Parade- Xodus Road Parade
- Bacchanal Road Parade- Jamaica Carnival Road Parade- Big Wall