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2018 Carnival in Jamaica Band Launch Season

Since the inception of "Carnival in Jamaica" in 2017, the bands and Jamaica Tourist Board have adopted the Band Launch season model seen in Trinidad Carnival over the years. This November sees the launch of three pretty mas Carnival Bands: Xaymaca, Xodus and Bacchanal in sequence.

Xaymaca Carnival Band Launch - November 11th 2017Xodus Carnival Band Launch - November 18th 2017Bacchanal Jamaica Band Launch - November 25th 2017

Thus far, Xaymaca has launched 14 sections and Xodus 7 sections.

We wait on bated breath for Bacchanal's Band Launch at the Serengeti this Saturday.

I wish for all bands a great Carnival Season 2018. Out of Many One Carnival !!

Look out for the list of fetes for 2018!!

ROAD MARCH - April 8th 2018

Preview of Fete List for Carnival in Jamaica Week 2018

Monday April 2nd 2018 - DUSK
Tuesday April 3rd 2018 - Tabanca Tuesdays
Wednesday April 4th 2018 - I Love Soca
Thursday April 5th 2018 - Blocko
Friday April 6th 2018 - Black…