Thursday, June 4, 2015

Ben Nye Powders 101

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I know many makeup lovers are confused about the Ben Nye Powders and are only familiar with a few shades, especially Banana which was made famous by Kim Kardashian.

In the Ben Nye powders, there are three main lines:-

1. Ben Nye Face Powders
2. Ben Nye Luxury Powders
3. Ben Nye Mojave Luxury Powders

The Ben Nye Face Powders are available in the shades: Neutral Set, Super White, Pretty in Pink, Topaz, Sienna, Chestnut, Coco Tan and Ebony. These powders are translucent face powders used to set liquid or cream products applied to the skin. 

As described by the US online retailers for this product, the shades are described as stated below:-

Neutral Set is a white colored powder that is virtually colorless on most skin tones and is also the powder to use on creme makeup looks using fantasy colors.
Super White is used for powdering over white makeup to make the makeup even more white. This is good for clown makeup or fantasy makeups based in white.
Pretty Pink can give pale or light skin tones with a cool undertone a little oomph. Nice for enhancing very feminine looks and can cool olive tones.
Topaz, Sienna, Chestnut, Coco Tan and Ebony are for darker skin tones and when used in conjunction with a creme base creates a very full coverage.
The Ben Nye Luxury Powders are available in 5 shades: Banana, Cameo, Beige Suede, Buff and Rose Petal.
According to the US online retailers of this product, its described as stated below:
Finely milled with superb texture, Ben Nye Luxury powders smooth skin while lightly enhancing skin tones. Note
Banana is a perfect face powder for warmer skin tone or when a warm based highlighting is needed.  
These powders tend not to clog pores and create a smooth finish over foundation while reducing shine and setting makeup.
The Ben Nye Mojave Powders are available in 6 shades: Camel, Clay, Dark Cocoa, Dolce, Nutmeg and Olive Sand.

According to the US online retailers of this product, its described as stated below:
Ben Nye has done it again! Created within their new Mojave series, these Luxury Mojave Powders have the same smoothness their famous Banana Powder has become known for. Mojave ultra-fine powders set foundation, reduce shine and enhance olive and brown skin tones without a hint of chalkiness. 

I hope this blog post was helpful to everyone who is interested in using it or who is already using it.
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