Saturday, May 16, 2015

City Color Cosmetics review | Coming Soon

Hi makeup lovers! CITY COLOR COSMETICS has been getting lots of love on social media as seen on Youtube and Instagram with reviews from beauty gurus like Chrisspy, Desi Makeup, Carli Bybel, Jackie Aina and C Key Beauty. Well I will be posting reviews about some City Color items I personally own. I have been using the brand for more than two years so I feel I can give a fair review on the items.

Items are also available in my monthly beauty bag, from Ipsy. Interested in joining Ipsy? Join here

See below for list of items I'll review.
♡ Bold Brow
♡ City Chic Lip Sticks
♡ Blush Quad
♡ Creamy Lip Stain
♡ Eyeshadow Primer
♡ Be Matte Lip Sticks

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