Saturday, January 17, 2015

Jamaica Carnival Costumes 2015

Bacchanal Jamaica launched their Jamaica Carnival bands for 2015 with the unveiling of more than ten sections for the carnival season 2015. We saw four new bands enter this year:- LehwegoSLEEK, PeenyWallieMas, Unleashed Jamaica and KAJbySummerJarrett

For the past four years I have been retailing carnival makeup accessories and this year is no different. I have attached suggestions to each costume for rhinestones that could be used for makeup.

  • Rhinestones will be available as of February 1st 2015

  • For Carnival Makeup appointments send us an email at Bookings close February 1st 2015.

Sections: Pure Country (aka Frenchmen), Digicel, Ammar's, FameFM, Jamaica Observer, Smirnoff, LehwegoSLEEK, PeenyWallieMas, Unleashed Jamaica, KAJ by SummerJarrett.

Pure Country





Digicel: Lijuan

Ammar's: Fantasy

FameFM: Oneykos

Jamaica Observer: Tendars

Smirnoff : Marjuni


PeenyWallie Mas: Thira

Unleashed Jamaica

KAJ by Summer Jarrett: Euphoric

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