Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Buntricia Hands On Makeup Skills Conference | JAMAICA | May 18-20, 2014 | RECAP

The Buntricia's Total Package 3-Day Hands On Makeup Skills Conference was GREAT! I got to meet a LOT of extraordinary people in the Beauty business from around the world. It was a once in a lifetime experience. Loved every minute of it! Especially the Banquet Dinner/Dance! It was such an AMAZING experience. Thanks again to Buntricia and her team and FACE FORWARD COSMETICS & SWIMWEAR for bringing this to Jamaica for us!

Buntricia - Day One: Makeup

Buntricia and I. Completed Day One. Certification in Professional Makeup: HD, Photography, Editorial and Bridal

Ameila (from MakeupbyPinky on Instagram) and I. Day TWO. Face & Body Painting

Buntricia hosted a Banquet Night for all attendees of her Conference.

Sharon Wint of Face Forward Cosmetics and I at Banquet Night


  1. Hi! I might be attending the Hands On Makeup Skills Conference in Las Vegas this October, so I thought I'd ask you a few questions since you attended one of the conferences recently! Was there anything about the conference that you didn't like or thought could be better? Also, have you been able to use your certification to get pro discounts with any makeup brands? I want to make sure I can access pro discounts with the certification because I want to stock up my freelance kit. If attending, I would be flying to the USA from Canada, so I really want to make sure the conference will be worth it! I hope you see this post and thank you in advance :)

    1. Hi Sonya, thanks for contacting me. Well since the conference, I have been able to use the techniques taught to better my makeup application and services skills such as HD photography makeup and tab-lash application. It was a literally a hands-on conference where they come to you and show you and its done. The only thing I feel that could be done better, is to offer the products we use during training to attendees of the course. We did not receive much products or tools to go home with apart from a makeup brush from a sponsor (i think it was Crown Brushes), a lipgloss and and pair of eyelashes and lash curler (from Monda). I feel we should have received at least a brush set for the price that we paid (US$660).

      As it relates to pro discounts, I am yet to apply for the discount for any brands just yet. I already had a fully stocked makeup kit from before the conference. The USA conference is better in my opinion because it does include Airbrushing which is really good because the Jamaica conference did not and it is a sought-after service.