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SIMPLE Skin Care Bar Soap | REVIEW | Fragrance Free & Color Free Soap

The Simple skin care line of products was launched to target those of us who have very sensitive skin. Our skin can flare up because the fragrances used and dyes used in skin care product formulas.

I have been using this product for about FIVE months now. It removes by makeup with ease (without using another makeup remover) and it leaves the no residue behind. Its not very moisturizing but I personally dont mind. I dont like when residue is left on my face.

I have combination/acne-prone/sensitive skin, so this product works PERFECTLY for me. This is the ONLY product from this line that I have tried.

Its VERY affordable. I bought mine for $200 JMD (Jamaican Dollars). The only issue I have is that it seems that it has been discontinued in my area. I have a hard time finding it now. Stores only carry the other products from the Simple line and not the bar of soap. Only one place sells this now and thats Mega Mart Waterloo.

Hope this review was helpful.
- Tiifany :)


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Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse Foundation | Dark 3 Cocoa | REVIEW

Hello again everyone!

Im here today to rave about a foundation that I love. Its my GO TO foundation

I have Combination Skin, which means I get oily on my foreheard, nose, apples of cheek, upper lip and chin. Choosing the correct foundation for my skin type is crucial. I have experimented with quite a few foundations and this by far is the best suited for my skin type.

Product Name: MAYBELLINE DREAM MATTE MOUSSE FOUNDATION Texture: DRY MOUSSE/POWDERY (dries to a powder finish) Coverage: MEDIUM TO FULL Shade Range: NOT VERY WIDE FOR WOMEN OF COLOR (only Dark 2 and Dark 3 are available for women of color)*

* This information is for Jamaicans. Only Dark 2 and 3 in the "DARK" range is in Jamaica.
Regards, Tiffany 

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