Monday, July 29, 2013

One on One MAKEUP CLASSES with Tiffany

Professional Makeup Artist, Tiffany Davidson will be hosting One-on-One Makeup Classes with persons interested in learning various aspects of makeup artistry. There are three modules of Makeup Artistry being taught by her:
  1. Beginner’s Basic Makeup Application
  2. Advanced Makeup Application: HD Brows
  3. Advanced Makeup Application: Contouring & Highlighting
Cost: $2500 JMD

Duration of each class session: 90 minutes

Dates available now: Wednesday August 14, 2013

Times: 12:00-1:30pm, 2:00-3:30, 4:00-5:30pm (unavailable)

Tools & products are to be brought to class for use and are also available for purchase at Tiffany’s studio where the classes with be held.

A list of tools needed for each module and outline will be given to each participant.

Inside Salon Splurt
UWI Mona Students Union
Kingston 7
St. Andrew

Interested persons should send an email to for more information.

Beginner’s Makeup Application (90minutes)
  • Proper skin care management: Cleanse, Tone, Moisturize & Protect
  • Preparing the face for makeup
  • Explaining types of Foundations & Powders and Skin Undertones
  • Choosing Foundation/Powder shades for your skin
  • Choosing Concealer shades for your skin
  • Application & blending of Foundation, Powder & Concealer
  • Explaining color theory for Eye shadow & Lip color
  • Choosing Lip color, Eye shadow and Blush/Bronzer
  • Application of Eye shadow & blending
  • Application of Blush/Bronzer
  • Application of Lip color

Friday, July 12, 2013

Arista Lip Glosses | Review & Swatches

 Arista Cosmetics has a full line of cosmetics which includes foundations, powders, eye shadows, blushes, lipsticks, lip glosses, skin care products and nail polishes. In this blog I will be talking about the lip glosses they have. There are two sizes available: Frost Me Lip Gloss (Large size) and Star Struck Lip Gloss (Small size).

Frost Me Lip Glosses come in a variety of colors:-
In Jamaica, the following shades are available:- Berry, Brown, Bronze, Fuschia, Orange, Pink and Plum






Pigmentation for Frost Me:- Light to Medium Coverage
Price: < $5 USD (depending on where you shop)

Star Struck Lip Glosses also come in a variety of shades:- 
Star Struck Lip Glosses are available in Jamaica in the following shades:- Red, Pink, Orange, Gold, Brown and Bronze





Pigmentation of Star Struck :- Light
Price: < $4 USD

Arista Lip Glosses are available wholesale & retail. For more information on this please send an email to