Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Arista Cosmetics in Jamaica [FULL OVERVIEW]

Coming out of Trinidad is Arista Cosmetics! Many of you may know of Sacha Cosmetics from Trinidad. Well Arista is the more affordable version of these products. They are made at the same factory as the high end product and so you can be reassured of your products being very pigmented.

Arista Cosmetics has a makeup and skin care line. In their makeup line, there are foundations, powders, lip sticks, lip glosses, blushes and eye shadows and in their skin care line they have vanishing creams, a facial moisturizer, facial toner and facial cleanser.

Arista Cosmetics is available in Jamaica and if you are interested in retailing these products please send an email to me at as I am the Arista Cosmetics Representative in Jamaica.

Below I will post pictures of the various products by Arista Cosmetics.

Entire Arista product line


Single Eye Shadows

Cream Foundations & Compact Pressed Powders

Lip Glosses

Lip Sticks

Vanishing Cream formulas

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