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What is the Cosmotopia Cosmetics Expo 2013 ??

What is Cosmotopia?
Cosmotopia Cosmetics Expo is an event put together by the team at Signiture Entertainment showcasing beauty products & services to the masses all in one area. At this expo, various businesses/companies will have booths with their makeup lines, nail art, hair care as well as other beauty related activities.

This year, the event will be held at the Girls Guide Association of Jamaica (Beside Devon House) on Saturday April 27th 2013. From 10am to 7pm, patrons will be able to test out the various beauty products as well as purchasing products at a DISCOUNTED cost. Yes, you read correctly. DISCOUNTED.

This year, Tiffany Davidson Makeup Artistry will be there showcasing the brand ARISTA Cosmetics. Recently you may have been seeing a lot of posts on my page about Arista lipsticks, glosses, blushes and shadows. At the expo, you will be able to test ALL shades in all the different products I previously mentioned. These products will also be available at a discounted cost.

For more information regarding TDMUA at Cosmotopia Cosmetics Expo 2013, feel free to send me an inbox message.

Cosmotopia Cosmetics Expo OFFICIAL Page:

I look forward to your support at this year's expo. See you there!

- Tiffany


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