Sunday, December 16, 2012


Whats an undertone? Why is it so important? How do I figure out my undertone? Which foundation best suits my undertone?

All these questions will be answered here by yours truly, professional makeup artist Tiffany Davidson

Question 1: Whats an undertone?
Answer: An undertone is the characteristic colour of skin that is concealed when viewed. Basically its the colour you see underneath your natural (mass tone) skin complexion.

Question 2: Why is it so important?
Answer: Undertones are important to note when choosing liquid, cream and powder foundation since these products are made with these undertones in mind. Some brands when applied give off a red, yellow, or blue undertone. You should choose your foundation based on your undertone our else the foundation will not blend into your skin well.

Question 3: How do I figure out my undertone?
Technique 1: View your skin beside other colours, such as yellow, red, blue and purple and see which colour your skin mimics more.
Technique 2: View your skin beside a white background and look closely to see what colour  you can see petruding through your natural skin complexion

Question 4: Which complexion best suits my undertone?
Answer: Various brands cater to various undertones. For example, the Black Opal True Colour Cream to Powder Foundations cater to people with warm undertones (red and yellow) while Revlon ColorStay Liquid Foundation in light colours such as Ivory and Sand caters to cool undertones (blue and purple)

When choosing foundation, always be mindful of your skin type and undertone colour. This way you can choose a foundation that best suits you. You'll look amazing!

I hope this helped!

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