Sunday, December 30, 2012

MAC LipSticks Explained

Types of MAC Lipsticks: AMPLIFIED CREME: Ultra-creamy. Quietly shiny. Color-packed! Hi-res: hi-impact.

CREMESHEEN: Creme-based lipstick that imparts bright full color, with a soft and supple shine.

FROST: Excellent color payoff with medium to high frosted shimmer-and-shine finish.

GLAZE: Low-color impact with sheen-style finish. Glazes the lips, makes them shine!

LIP TREATMENT: Color-free. Texture-free. Provides natural healthy-looking lips.

LUSTRE: Demi-sheer with wet-look lustre finish. Very slick. Makes lips look soft, smooth, ultra-moist.

MATTE: Pigment rich with intense color pay-off. No-shine, all matte finish.

SATIN: Color-rich. Soft satin, semi-matte finish. Conditions while adding intense color.  

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Review: Loreal True Match Super Blendable Foundation

I have seen a lot of buzz about the Loreal True Match foundation and so I want to get it and try it out to see how it works.
Shade Range: very light (1) to very dark (10) in all undertone categories
Undertones: Cool (C), Neutral (N) and Warm (W)
Price Range: $1285 plus 16.5% Gct JMD
Coverage: Buildable Light to Medium Coverage

For more information on this product, see link below:

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Bacchanal Jamaica Carnival Makeup 2013 Bookings

Carnival makeup bookings for Bacchanal Jamaica Carnival 2013 have begun

To book your space, please send the following information to
- Full Name
- Telephone Number / BB pin
- Carnival Band & Section
- Picture of Makeup Look (optional)

COST: $4,000 JMD.
MAKEUP PACKAGE: full face of makeup, regular false lashes and rhinestones application. (Feather lashes will attract an additional cost of $)

A deposit of 50% of the total cost needs to be made by March 7th, 2013 to SECURE your space for carnival morning.

Bookings will be taken on a first come first book basis.

I look forward to hearing from you.

See you on the road April 7th, 2013!
- Tiffany

Christmas Baking 2012

Sunday, December 16, 2012


Whats an undertone? Why is it so important? How do I figure out my undertone? Which foundation best suits my undertone?

All these questions will be answered here by yours truly, professional makeup artist Tiffany Davidson

Question 1: Whats an undertone?
Answer: An undertone is the characteristic colour of skin that is concealed when viewed. Basically its the colour you see underneath your natural (mass tone) skin complexion.

Question 2: Why is it so important?
Answer: Undertones are important to note when choosing liquid, cream and powder foundation since these products are made with these undertones in mind. Some brands when applied give off a red, yellow, or blue undertone. You should choose your foundation based on your undertone our else the foundation will not blend into your skin well.

Question 3: How do I figure out my undertone?
Technique 1: View your skin beside other colours, such as yellow, red, blue and purple and see which colour your skin mimics more.
Technique 2: View your skin beside a white background and look closely to see what colour  you can see petruding through your natural skin complexion

Question 4: Which complexion best suits my undertone?
Answer: Various brands cater to various undertones. For example, the Black Opal True Colour Cream to Powder Foundations cater to people with warm undertones (red and yellow) while Revlon ColorStay Liquid Foundation in light colours such as Ivory and Sand caters to cool undertones (blue and purple)

When choosing foundation, always be mindful of your skin type and undertone colour. This way you can choose a foundation that best suits you. You'll look amazing!

I hope this helped!

Daily Skin Care Routine

Hey ladies, I wanted to do a little note about the importance of caring for your skin daily. There are four main stages of care.

1. Cleanse - using a daily FACE cleanser is vital to removing dirt and other impurities from the surface of your skin. Cleansers such as those from St Ives, Clean & Clear or Aveeno can be used.

2. Tone - user a toner such as Witchazel or Astringent is also very important as not all the dirt and makeup (if any was worn) was fully removed from the skin so this is where the toner comes in. Witchazel and Astringent are similar but differ in that an Astringent contains alcohol which can be very dehydrating for people with Dry Skin or irritating for people with Sensitive Skin. Benjamins and Bunny's Witchazel can be used and Astringents from Clean & Clear and Olay can be used.

3. Moisture & Protect - applying a moisturizer containing SPF 15 or more is crucial to adding water back to the skin after the cleansing and toning and also to protect the skin from the harmful rays of the sun. Having oily skin does not mean you have water in your skin. Your skin CAN be oily and dehydrated, so its crucial to add back the moisture to the face. When you starve the skin of water it will produce more oil to compensate for the lack of moisture. This will cause your face to be oilier.

I hope this was help.

Take care.

- Tiffany

♡♡ Makeup Services Offered by me♡♡

Below I have stated the services I offer.
  • Makeup Application
  • Eyelash Application
  • Brow Tinting
  • Facial Waxing
  • Skin Care Analysis
  • Skin Care Management
  • Facials
** By Appointment Only**

Bacchanal Jamaica Carnival 2013 Costumes

Hi everyone, I wanted to post some pictures of the various groups being involved in Bacchanal Jamaica Carnival 2013. Pure Country (Frenchmen) has six groups this year with a few coming straight from Trinidad. The layout of bands are as follows:

1. Pure Country (Maiya, Azzura, Venetia, Magnifique, Verona, Harlequin)
2. Appleton Jamaica (Mystique)
3. Smirnoff Jamaica (Minuit Cirque)
4. Fame FM (Mardi Gras)
5. Digicel (Nour)
6. Jamaica Observer (Venziana)
7. Bacchanal Babes

Here are also some pictures:
 Magnifique (Frenchman)
 Maiya (Frenchmen from Trinidad)
Venetia?  (Frenchmen)
 Mardi Gras (Fame FM)
Nour (Digicel)


Hi makeup loves!

I will be having a BLOG SALE! This is where I will be selling products from my makeup traincase that I bought but rarely ever used. They are good condition, packaging still in tact and of course VERY affordable.

I will be uploading products soon. So keep posted to this page. =)

- Tiffany