Tuesday, October 9, 2012

The FIVE skin types

Ever wondered what skin type you have? Here's some ways to find out how.

  • Oily Skin
Is your skin greasy, shiny, coarse, has enlarged pores and prone to blackheads and blemishes? You have oily skin.

  • Combination/Normal Skin
Is you skin smooth with even texture? Are you cheeks dry while the T-zone is oily? Do you have traces of oil on your nose and forehead but none from your cheeks after blotting with facial tissue? Do you have patches of dry and oily skin? You have combination/normal skin

  • Sensitive Skin
Does your skin feel thin and delicate with fine pores? Does you face flush easily? Do you have broken capillaries? Do you frequently get rashes and other allergic reaction? You have sensitive skin.

  • Dry Skin
Is your skin dry, flaky and ashy? Does your skin feel tight after washing it? Do you easily develop wrinkles and fine pores? You have dry skin.

  • Sun-damaged Skin
Does your skin feel tight? Do you have visible wrinkles and loose skin tone around you jawline and cheeks? Does your skin feel leathery and has broken capillaries? You have sun-damaged skin.

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