Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Lips Lips Lips

moisturizers, balms, glosses, stains,sticks, etc.

Today I'm going to discuss everything to do with lips - moisturizers, balms, glosses, stains,sticks, etc.

Rule of thumb: Maintain the lips! 

  • Moisturizers & Balms
Lip moisturizers are wonderful! They should be a necessity in every girls makeup bag. If stains, glosses are missing, the moisturizer should be there. Even if its the drug store Chapstick. Chapstick is the most easily accessible lip moisturizer one can find. I say invest.

  • Glosses
Lip glosses DO NOT moisturize lips even though most claim to moisturize lips too. Its a lie because all I see it do is make your lips shiny and when its dry it doesn't change the texture of your lips. 

Coloured lip glosses are cool. I love the shades of red and pink. NYX has a line of nice lip glosses.

Shimmer lip glosses. I hate these. They make your lips look big, to me at least. When I use this it makes ma lips stand out in a way I do not want it to. So I vowed to stay away. 

I like Jordanna's squeeze tube lip glosses. They're very thick.

  • Sticks
From Ive been a young girl Ive used lip sticks. In dance shows and so on. The thing is though, they tend to wipe off so easily. I hate that so much! However, I have found a lipstick that works wonders! Its highly pigmented, moisturizes and adds shine to the lips. It basically has everything I'd want in a perfect lipstick. I wont reveal this lipstick brand to you yet though. :) 

  • Stains
These are AMAZING. They're long-wear and require little work to maintain. A simple dab of lip gloss and it looks good as new. My favourite is Revlon's ColourStay LipStains. Try it.

Other companies carry lip stains but for now Revlon is my ultimate favourite.

Thanks for reading.
Tiffany D. MUA

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