Monday, January 3, 2011

How To Fix Broken EyeShadow

Lets begin.

You're going to need 70% or higher Rubbing Alcohol, a coin (a ten dollar or fix dollar - depending on the size of the eyeshadow) and a piece of cloth.

  1.  Place a little rubbing alcohol into the cap of the bottle.
  2. Use the end of an eyeshadow brush and break apart pieces of eyeshadow that are clumps.
  3. Place a few drops of alcohol into the finely ground eyeshadow. It should become a paste. NOT RUNNING LIKE SOUP.
  4. Place the coin within the cloth. This will be used to press the eyeshadow as it appears when you first bought it.
  5. Press the coin-in-cloth against the pasty eyeshadow until it has been pressed flat enough.
  6. Leave to set and dry.

 Tiffany MUA <3  :)

here is a link to a youtube video of someone doing it if you need visual aid

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